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What is a family in poverty in Belgium today?

It is a poor, a disadvantaged, a socially vulnerable family. Due to the increased urbanization and individualization, increased mobility and migration over the last decade, a superdiversity of families has been created: newly composed families, one parent families, two parent families, families of different nationalities and different migration backgrounds...

This often leads to a very hard confrontation with discrimination and exclusion, but also with the deprivation of basic needs such as water, food and housing, sanitation and hygiene, health and education.

Families experience a great deal of stress as a result of this, which leads to an even greater deterioration of their psychological and physical well-being.

What does FIFOLIvzw offer a family in poverty in Belgium today?

FIFOLIvzw is currently starting up in Flanders and Brussels in order to provide a game and relaxation offer through exercise and relaxation lessons for mothers in poverty and their children.

We want to create an open house where mothers with children in all their diversity can go with their story and their concerns. A place where we work together with them on a healthy lifestyle and mobility by organizing exercise and, if possible, cycling lessons.

In the future, the Dutch language will certainly have a place in these open houses as part of active civic participation for non-Dutch speakers during our exercise activities. In this way, these group meetings are also an opportunity for social networking and a bridge to the outside world.