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Our target group in India are underprivileged families from: the Mumbai East and West and Jaipur slums

Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disease in which the body produces insufficient and abnormal haemoglobin. The Alpha Thalassemia form occurs mainly in South-East Asia, India, China and the Philippines. Children develop symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath and anaemia from the age of 6 months. As a result of the multiple blood transfusions that are necessary, liver and heart failure occurs...

A bone marrow transplant, provided the right match is found, is the only chance of survival.

In SEAIThalassemia, the counselling of the family, the search for a bone marrow match and the execution of the bone marrow transplant, followed by a 6-month stay in the host (near the centre) of the treated child with his family are offered to these underprivileged families.

What is FIFOLIvzw doing here?

In all these places we try to introduce hand and mouth hygiene in the daily routine of these families through the Fit for School programme, and FIFOLIvzw does this in cooperation with volunteers, Belgian students and Unicef plus local government initiatives.

We are also installing playgrounds to stimulate the psychomotricity of these children in socially deprived areas, where FIFOLI is also supported by volunteers and Belgian students.

Furthermore, we focus on financial and logistical support for the purchase of sanitary facilities such as toilets and hand washbasins, as well as game material, medicinal support and the organization of catch-up vaccination camps in cooperation with local government agencies such as Mother and Child India.