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Our target group in Kenya are underprivileged families whose children attend the Hero's academy African Inland Church Shanzu.

Today 16% of the Kenyan population is infected with HIV. Especially in underprivileged environments the infection rate is the highest, which means that there are many orphans whose parents have already died of AIDS.

The schoolchildren in the Hero's academy are often parentless and stay after school hours (7:00 am-9:00 pm) with family or neighbours or spend the night in the classrooms.

What is FIFOLIvzw doing here?

FFinancial and logistical support for: the construction of a primary health care dispensary for the local population - a host for the schoolchildren who now spend the night in the classroom - the improvement of the sanitary facilities and the installation of hand washbasins.

Implementation of the Fit for School programme for hand and mouth hygiene for the schoolchildren and the local population. FIFOLI is supported in this by volunteers and Belgian students and cooperates with Unicef and government initiatives if there are any.

Installation of playgrounds to stimulate the psychomotricity of these schoolchildren growing up in socially deprived areas, where FIFOLI is also supported by volunteers and Belgian students.

Inventory of the vaccination status of the schoolchildren and research into possibilities for starting a catch-up vaccination camp in cooperation with local government and Unicef.